New Hampshire Citizens Alliance

Statement on SB 488

April 20th, 2016

SB 488 in its original version was relative to reasonable accommodations for pregnant workers.  It was a bi-partisan, business and family friendly bill that supported equal employment opportunities for women staying in the workforce.  NHCA and its Stand with Women Campaign know that protecting the rights of pregnant and lactating workers is vital to NH’s economy. 

In order to protect the rights of pregnant and lactating workers  NH needs legislation that holds all employers accountable for making NH a state where young professionals choose to live, stay, play, and raise their families. Stripping SB 488 of its accommodation provisions to just being an Advisory Council on lactation is a disservice to NH’s economy.  

Being business friendly also means being employee supportive.  NH strives to be a business friendly state, but it must also attract and keep an educated, productive work force to fill the positions, grow our economy, and to inhabit and secure our communities.

By dismissing common sense workplace policy bills such as SB 488 GOP House leadership is standing in NH’s way of attracting a much needed vital workforce.